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Preparation methods

Coffee is coffee: there are no espresso beans or coffee beans, even if the industry's marketing speak sometimes suggests otherwise. That's why you can basically make any coffee using any method of preparation - it's always a question of personal taste. The often made distinction between espresso = dark roast vs. coffee = light roast does not do justice to the diversity of coffee with its many different flavor profiles. Nevertheless, we give recommendations here that are based primarily on feedback from our customers and our experience: if you are not sure whether you can find the right type of coffee for you based solely on the descriptions and aroma profiles, you can find the 'typical' preparations here for the individual varieties. However, it is always worth trying a coffee with a different method of preparation - a particular coffee is never only suitable for a certain type of preparation. That's why there are a lot of (intentional) overlaps here.

Espresso with that


The portafilter is a special type of extraction because the coffee is brewed under pressure and the extraction time is kept comparatively short. The aroma formation is more intense, if you will: more powerful and the coffee (espress) gets the famous creaminess, so it has more body than with other preparation methods.

Hand filters, Aeropress, Chemex, Kalita & Co.

Filter coffee

Having long since outgrown the 'grandma image', classic filter coffee has long since become very popular again, not just in hipster bars in capital cities. And that's completely right. Filtered coffee is more pointed, more nuanced than espresso and, if you will, the purist, honest version of coffee preparation. Why the missing body of filter coffee is not a drawback:

Coffee at the touch of a button

Fully automatic

The fully automatic machine enjoys great popularity as a jack of all trades. And that is precisely why it places high demands on the coffee. Because different coffee drinks are prepared with one grinder setting, the grinding degree setting is always a compromise and is almost never optimal. A good coffee for the fully automatic machine must be able to 'forgive' this. Further tips for preparation with the fully automatic machine:


French Press

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Stove cooker (Bialetti)

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