Ethiopian Garden

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Ethiopian Garden

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Pickup currently unavailable at Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

Ethiopian Garden

250 g

Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

Pickup currently unavailable

Bessunger Str. 53
64285 Darmstadt

Our new Ethiopian is a naturally prepared heirloom coffee from the world-famous Guji region in Ethiopia. It gets its name from the Ethiopian coffee tradition of farm and garden coffee. Traditionally, coffee in Ethiopia is grown and elaborately cultivated by small farmers and consists of many wild coffee varieties that have been cultivated for generations and are subsumed under the term heirloom. These coffees are cultivated and hand-picked by the farmers using elaborate manual labor and then processed in the cooperative.

As natural fans, we are happy to have finally gotten hold of a top Ethiopian of this type of processing again. The natural, typical sweetness is reminiscent of acacia honey and goes perfectly with the typical fruity-floral aromas (blackberry, jasmine blossom).

Ideally suited for all types of filters, as a cold brew and of course also as a fruity espresso.