Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Presa commercial aniko Coffee Roasters

aniko Coffee Roasters


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250 g

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Fully Washed I El Salvador

Our Bourbon Tekisic from the La Buena Esperanza farm in El Salvador is a typical Salvadoran coffee variety that accounts for up to 70% of Salvadoran coffee production.
This Bourbon Tekisic from the Presa field was grown on clay soil at over 1350m and impresses with its complexity with notes of acacia honey with hints of almond.
We recommend the Presa for all common filter technologies (Moccamaster, Chemex, V60, Kalita, Aeropress) and for lovers of fruity espressos also for preparing them in a portafilter. Even when combined with milk, it is a harmonious coffee with an individual character.

Presa I Farmer Andres Quintanilla

Finca Buena Esperanza

It has been almost exactly 100 years since Amalia Quintanilla purchased the 56ha farm in the Cacahuatique Mountains in El Salvador and gave it an almost prophetic name, 'La Buena Esperanza' (the good hope). The political turmoil and upheavals of the 20th century with the 100 Day War with Honduras and especially the horrors of the military regime and subsequent civil war (1980-1991 - 70,000 dead) affected not only the economy in general, but also the coffee industry and thus the small farm the Quintanillas to the core. So it is hardly surprising that after studying in the USA, it was by no means a matter of course for Andres (pictured above left) to take over and continue running his parents' and grandparents' farm. The fact that he did it turned out to be the right decision. With ambition and an almost inexhaustible knowledge, he turned the small farm in the mountains of El Salvador into a specialty coffee farm with a reputation.

Scientific expertise &

Purely handcrafted

Today it is possible to process different varieties (Bourbon Tekisic, Typica, Pacamara, Centroamerica, Icatu, Marsellesa) in all three types of processing (Natural, Honey / Pulped Natural, Fully Washed). Andres more than makes up for the lack of infrastructure on his farm with in-depth expertise and the great commitment of his 8 employees and around 80 harvest helpers. He combines the traditional knowledge of his ancestors, who worked the farm day in and day out for generations and know the local conditions very well, with modern scientific findings, not least of which benefits him from his studies in the USA. The small annual harvest quantities of only 50 - max. 100 tons of green coffee represent the highest quality. The fact that Andres still has to deal with the consequences of the country's political situation from the past to the present makes the quality of his beans appear in an even better light.

Bourbon Tekisic

A special variety

Our Presa's Bourbon Tekisic is a coffee variety that was bred in mass selection in El Salvador beginning in the middle of the 20th century and gradually established itself as the improved form of the classic bourbon. The Bourbon Tekisic ripens early, forms tall plants that are therefore more difficult to harvest, and only has medium yields. However, it combines this with an exceptional taste quality in the cup, which is why it has been able to achieve this high status in its home country of El Salvador. Andrès gives this coffee its special character with a traditionally washed (fully washed) preparation.