Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters
Late Harvest commercial aniko Coffee Roasters

aniko Coffee Roasters

Late Harvest

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Late Harvest

250 g

Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Bessunger Str. 53
64285 Darmstadt

Pulped Natural, Brazil I Natural, India

Premium cuvée of two top coffees: a Red Catuai from Fazenda Dutra from the Agua Limpa farm, grown at 1250m altitude, combines in perfect harmony with a SLN274 I Old Paradenia from farmer Jacob Mammen from India. Because they are prepared as natural or pulped natural, both coffees have a basic sweetness that comes into their own in both espresso and milk drinks and is complemented by the late harvest - hence Late Harvest - from the SLN. The aroma formation is comparable to that of wine; coffee also develops more sweetness the longer it is on the vine. As a Canephora variety, the SLN274 I Old Paradenia naturally has very little acidity, but has a wonderful body. The Dutra brothers' Catuai complements with fine fruit notes, which, however, do not become dominant in this top Arabica. Due to its very special terroir, especially the soil rich in iron, the Catuai not only has a nutty note but also a specific liveliness that gives this cuvée its character. Together, the dream team tastes of coconut and walnut, the natural sweetness is reminiscent of brown sugar.

As single lots, both coffees have individual characteristics, which is why they are roasted separately with different roasting profiles and only combined in a very specific mixing ratio after roasting.

Late Harvest I Farmer Jakob Mammen & Brothers Dutra

Badra Estates I Fazendas Dutra

The late-harvested SLN gave this very special cuvee its name. In viticulture, Spätlese has been known and valued as a predicate for centuries; in the specialty coffee sector, really good, hand-selected and competently processed Spätlese is difficult to find. It is not enough to simply leave the coffee cherries on the vine longer: in-depth knowledge of the suitable variety and, in particular, competence in processing are essential to turn a 'late harvest' into a taste experience. With Jacob Mammen you don't have to worry about the competence - and certainly not about the quality of his beans. In the following picture you can see a late harvest on the Staruch on the Kerkiecoondah plot, which is about to be picked.

Jacob Mammen

Badra Estates

Jakob Mammen I Badra Estates

Jakob designed the SLN274/Old Paradenia, which grows on the Kerkiecoondah plot, as a 'late-harvest natural'. Both the late harvest and the natural processing - the harvested coffee cherry is completely dried without prior pulping - have an extremely positive effect on the sugar formation of the coffee and thus on the sweetness of the finished drink.

What's particularly exciting is that Jacob doesn't use the commonly used Arabica varieties, but rather a 'natural' Canephora blend. This consists of around a third of beans from the mother variety Old Paradenia and around two thirds of the daughter SLN274. This has developed completely independently from the Old Paradenia and is not, as one might think from the name SLN274, a bred 'Selection'. Both coffees grow in harmony on the same plot and harmonize perfectly with each other due to their similar genetic characteristics. As Canephora varieties, they have a higher caffeine content and naturally low astringent fruit acids. You can also get this wonderful coffee as Kerkieccondah as a single origin.

Dutra brothers

Fazendas Dutra

The red Catuai, which we have added to Jacob's Late Harvest, ideally complements the canephoras from India. As Arabica, it gives our cuvee a touch of fruity effervescence without changing its character. The honey preparation (pulped natural) of the Catuai from the Torre Taquara Preta plot also gives this top coffee a nice sweetness.

With this processing variant, the coffee bean is separated from the pulp after harvesting, but the remaining layer of mucilage (mucilage) remains on the bean during the drying phase. On the one hand, this develops the floral-fruity aspects of the coffee, while at the same time the remaining mucilage enables fermentation to begin and thus an increased level of sweetness compared to fully washed coffees. A wonderfully complex coffee without any big 'peaks' that perfectly complements the SLN274/OldParadenia.

As a single origin, this coffee is of course also the first choice. You can try it here .