Palthope Estates – Indien

Palthope Estates – India

The farmer BB Deepak Chengappa produces on the smallest farm in our portfolio at just 10 hectares with 5 employees...
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and 48 helpers 50-70 tons of the highest quality Canephoras as well as some selected Arabicas and Libericas. Deepak specializes in shade cultivation of hand-picked canephoras. The climatic conditions in India and the fact that the farm is essentially located directly in the jungle make it necessary to shade the sensitive coffee plants. An incredible 93 shade plants have been identified so far, but in reality there will certainly be more. The alleopathic properties of shade plants and the positive effects on biodiversity and soil quality are well known. Sensory-trained coffee drinkers notice the influence of the various plantings even in the flavor profile of the respective coffees. Some of the companion plants are also processed and traded separately - such as the wonderful pepper (see picture), cardamom or cashew nuts. Depending on availability, we also have these delicacies on offer. As with the other farms, climate change has recently had an extremely negative impact. The significant shift in the annual monsoon leads to a change in the growth period of plants with extremely problematic implications.

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