Badra Estates – Indien

Badra Estates – India

The Badra Estates includes three farms owned by the Mammen family...
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... Bettadakhan, Kerkiecoondah and Balehonnur. The family has been growing coffee on the farms founded in 1936 since 1943. Today, 700-850 tons of green coffee are hand-picked and processed on 600 hectares of cultivated land with 28 permanent employees and 425 harvest helpers every year. The plantations are located in Chickmagalur on the Bababudangiri Mountains, the most important and first growing region in India. Jacob Mammen, who runs the farms today, grows the coffee under shade trees such as silver oak, cedar, teak and coconut palms, as is customary in India due to the climatic conditions. Other products from Badra Estates include pepper, coconut, areca nut and cardamom, which have a wonderful influence on the flavor profile of the coffee due to their allopathic effects. They increase biodiversity, ensure good humus formation and thus make a decisive contribution to eliminating the need for chemical weed and pest control. Jakob Mammen grows both Arabicas and Canephoras (the botanically correct term for the most commonly used term Robusta), namely the varieties: S 795, Catimor, Sarchimor, SLN 9 (Arabica) and SLN 274, Old Paradenia (Canephora). A third species, the Liberica, was rediscovered in recent years, adding an exotic specialty to the portfolio in very small harvest quantities. The naturally prepared Liberica, which you will find in our Indian Spice, is the coffee with the lowest harvest quantity that we have in our range, with an annual yield of only 120 kg. The export share of Badra coffee is around 55%; most coffees are washed and processed. Naturals and Pulped Naturals are the exception. The permanent employees, most of whom have been working on the farm for several generations, live on the premises with their families and have access to medical assistance, schooling and everyday food supplies.