Tamper BigStep für SAGE-Maschinen I 53,40mm I Spalted Chestnut commercial Pullman Espresso Accessories

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Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines I 53.40mm Ispalted chestnut

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Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines I 53.40mm Ispalted chestnut

Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Bessunger Str. 53
64285 Darmstadt

Complete tamper consisting of:

BigStep Base for SAGE machines I 53.40mm - Barista Handlespalted Chestnut - Spacer Alu

Tamper BigStep for SAGE machines I 53.40mm

SAGE machines provide great extraction, but the ability to reduce channeling is limited with standard tampers.

The Pullman SAGE BigStep base was developed to minimize channeling at the edges even with the smaller SAGE diameters. Like the large Big-Step with 58.55 mm diameter, its smaller SAGE brother also significantly reduces channeling when using the standard Breville filter. The 53.40mm SAGE Big-Stop uses the same patented technology as the big one to prevent a vacuum from forming when camping. Here is our video comparison .

If you don't have any experience with dosing coffee, using the BigStep will help you. Coffee needs room to expand with the addition of water. An indication of the correct amount of coffee in the sieve: if the upper edge of the BigStep is below the upper edge of the sieve when tamped, use a little more coffee, if the upper edge of the tamper is above the upper edge of the sieve, use a little less. Of course, this is only a rough guide that can and should be adjusted depending on the coffee, personal preferences and experiences.

All handles from our Barista handle category are suitable for the BigStep-SAGE. Just add and get started.


Pullman Barista Handle -spalted chestnut, sweet chestnut -
Because of the distinction between the narrow, yellowish-white sapwood and the brown heartwood as well as the striking striped pattern, the coarse-pored chestnut wood is very popular as structural wood and in furniture and kitchen construction.

Thanks to its easy splitting, it is still used today as shingle wood for chalets and historical buildings.

Chestnut wood produces changing grains that make each barista handle unique.

Clean carefully with a damp cloth.

The hardwood handles are very popular and provide a great contrast to stainless steel machines and work surfaces.

Spacer - Spacer for individually adjusting Barista and BigStep tampers to the anatomy of the hand.

Color ALU: the 5mm spacer is installed, the versions in 2mm and 8mm are included for possible subsequent adjustment.

Suitable for all SAGE machines (Breville) with a 54.00 mm portafilter diameter.