Commander X25Trailmaster | Dune
Commander X25Trailmaster | Dune


Commander X25Trailmaster | Dune

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Commander X25Trailmaster | Dune

Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

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Bessunger Str. 53
64285 Darmstadt

The new X25 Trailmaster: the high-end outdoor mill from Comandante

Light, robust, extremely stable: the Trailmaster was developed for adventure.

Especially the new one We are impressed with QTP® .

Commander writes:

"The polygonal body is formed into a single, stable piece using the most modern techniques. TRAILMASTER Dune is equipped with a state-of-the-art Nitro Blade grinder that offers the usual world-class grinding performance in this exceptional housing.

Choosing the best material for an outdoor grinder is crucial. After extensive research in our laboratories and extensive practical testing, our engineers have selected a specially reinforced technopolymer as the material of choice for the new X-Series outdoor products - QTP®.

QTP® is a high-performance technopolymer with a significant amount of quartz reinforcing particles woven into an elastic and strong long-chain polymer matrix. It feels like ceramic and behaves like an engineered supercomposite designed for high-wear areas such as lightweight transmission components.

QTP® is safe in contact with food and water and is a trademark of Comandante."

100% made in Germany. A double ball bearing grinder allows for easy cranking.
The grinding discs, produced using a patented manufacturing process, are sharpened again after hardening and cut the beans like no other hand mill.
This creates a uniquely homogeneous grinding result and dust formation is reduced to a minimum. The result of the Comandante is in no way inferior to high-quality professional electric mills.
Easy grinding level adjustment with a small, rotating wheel below the lower grinding disk.
A clearly perceptible clicking noise guides you through the respective grinding levels. With the Red Clix, which is available as an accessory, the already very precise grinding degree adjustment can be doubled.

The Trailmaster is THE outdoor mill.