Comandante Red Clix RX35 commercial Comandante


Commander Red Clix RX35

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Commander Red Clix RX35

Bessunger Str. 53 / 64285 Darmstadt

Pickup currently unavailable

Bessunger Str. 53
64285 Darmstadt

The upgrade for Comandante fans and everyone who wants to grind extremely precisely:

Even finer grinder tuning enables even more precise adjustment of the grinding level. Instead of the previous 28 clicks, 56 clicks are now possible. This makes it possible to set the grinding degree extremely precisely, which is a real advantage, especially for light roasted specialty coffees.

RED CLIX brings a new axle with a fine thread and grinding degree adjuster to further optimize the adjustment range of the already magnificent C40 MK 3. The twice as fine adjustment allows

Red Clix RX35 consists of an axle with a fine thread, a spring, two washers, a red grinding degree adjuster and a Comandante wrist band.

Please note: Please ONLY use the Red Clix axis together with the RED Red Clix dial - using it with the black grinding degree adjuster will cause damage to the axis.