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Latte Art Course a | 4.3.23 | 17:30 Latte Art Course a | 4.3.23 | 17:30
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From the blob to the heart & from the heart to the swan

Do you have a portafilter that makes espresso well, but the cappu is a disaster? In this course you will train the basics of artistic milk drinks. You will learn the basics of correct milk temperature, the technique of frothing and practice contrasting pouring up to the first heart on different portafilter machines.

For advanced users and natural talents, we present several different latte art patterns (leaf, tulip, swan) and give tips on how to implement them. There are several gastro and home portafilters with different steam wands and different amounts of power to choose from: so every participant can train to their best on different machines. You get your own steam wand for the entire time, so you can make good use of the time. We are constantly available to provide tips and tricks to prevent incorrect casting techniques from creeping in.

Basically, for the Latte Art course it is important that you have already internalized the basics of making espresso so that we can really concentrate on making milk. Espresso basics, grinder settings, etc. are the subject of the barista course, which you have ideally attended beforehand. You can also taste plenty of coffee in this course.

After completing the course, each participant receives a 250g specialty coffee certificate to take home. Minimum number of participants: 3. If there are fewer bookings, the course will unfortunately have to be postponed to another date (of course after consultation).