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In our barista courses we place particular emphasis on grinder settings, correct tamping, the criteria for correct extraction as well as control, troubleshooting and error correction. Theoretical basics and individual questions are also discussed as required, such as how portafilter machines work, design-related differences between different models, advantages and disadvantages of different sieves, hygiene, water temperature, grammage, grind level, brew ratio, extraction time, etc.

If necessary and if there is time and interest, we go even more in-depth and show the possibilities that exist to get different flavor profiles and aroma nuances from the same coffee by specifically changing various parameters. We are also happy to explain which coffees are particularly suitable for which changes and what influence the use of milk and sugar has on the flavor profiles of different coffees.

Since many coffee drinkers prefer milk drinks, in this course we will also cover the basics of making milk drinks. The advantages and disadvantages of different milk and milk substitute products are just as important here as the correct technique for frothing milk. You will get a first insight into the art of latte art. We go even more in-depth in our latte art courses.

The course lasts approximately 3 hours.

After completing the course, each participant receives a certificate and a 250g package of specialty coffee to take home.

Minimum number of participants: 3. If there are fewer bookings, the course will unfortunately have to be postponed to another date (of course after consultation).

*The course is explicitly aimed at the home barista. Since the questions and requirements are different in the professional area, we ask catering customers to ask individually in the coaching area. In our experience, this means we do better justice to both groups.