Unser Kaffee für das Kaffeehaus Eberstadt

Our coffee for the Eberstadt coffee house

We have created two special coffee house roasts for the Eberstadt coffee house that you can not only drink on site, but also buy for home.
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Corona isn't quite over yet - as you can see in the picture with Kathi and Anna - but you can finally visit the restaurants again. Just in time for the easing, Kathi & Jakob opened on June 1st. the Eberstadt coffee house newly opened - and offer everything you need to be happy, from breakfast to lunch, cakes to tapas and cocktails in the evening.

Now that the weather is good again, the places in the secluded garden are particularly beautiful and in great demand.

We are very pleased that we are here again as in Nuss & Maus , who are allowed to contribute the coffee. We also have our caffeine-free one in the bar Bermudez – super tasty and aromatic – a real alternative to caffeinated coffees.